My goal with the Inner-Visioning and Photo-Narrative workshops is to unlock a communication the unconscious wants to have with the conscious experience. In this dialogue, consciousness begins to form an identity and the person finds a greater awareness of self.

It is in the visioning process, followed by the creative experience, and wrapped up with the reflection of the experience, where participants begin to know who they are as a creative individual. This is when they begin to find a voice, in the process of sharing it. I have had the pleasure of watching participants find something deeper in their personal and lived experiences, and expressions.

Creativity to me, is a very vital function of engaging as a person. It is a gift that we are inherently given, but can be developed in order to experience its true potential. It is at times essential for adaptation. Other times creativity is expressed simply for our enjoyment or ecstasy.

Ecstasy relates to the intensity of consciousness that occurs in the creative act. It is not just letting go but involves the whole person with subconscious and unconscious acting in unity with conscious. It brings the intellectual, volitional and emotional functions into play all together (Rollo May, 1975).

Excerpt from workshop discussion 2014:

What I want you to understand about this notion of ecstasy when shooting, is that once you have gone through the stages and approaches that we have discussed in this workshop, and once you have rehearsed them in your mind and then engaged in the interaction with subject, your inner vision and then the camera, you will gain a confidence that will allow you to release all the other preconceived notions and ego based limitations. You will be able to let go and find your voice through images you capture. You will walk into a public square, or temple yard, or simple doorway and the art will speak to you. You will realize that you have been surrounded by the art that is life, all this time.

I have enjoyed sharing with you from my own inner visions. Safe passage on your journey!



Glenn Cory Graves


Recently, Glenn was featured in The Expat Fairs. You can check out some photos taken by him on his tours here as well.