Glenn Cory Graves

I began photography while travelling in Alaska as a teenager and nurtured this interest in my home state of Colorado. Subsequently living in San Francisco and then Barcelona, I began my commercial career, originally shooting fashion, which quickly moved on to encompass filming in every category of commercial photography including, fashion, design, product, architecture, landscape, journalism. Now based in Southeast Asia, I have had the privilege of filming in many countries, including South American, Africa, Japan and most of Southeast Asia.

Whether I’m filming a new product design, communities in conflict, new generations emerging within cultures, or a young couple in love, my intention is to capture the essence of what is unfolding in front of me.

I enjoy the natural beauty of the world, which I can see in a woman in Nepal carrying a child on her back while harvesting crops, or the interaction between Grandmother and her grandchildren in a village in Sapa. It could also be held in the ice forming on barren branches in a wintery Japan, or the poetry of a sunrise at Mesa Arch, Arizona.

I hope to pass on the appreciation for capturing magical moments in life, introduced by my father and fellow photographer, Courtney Graves, and passed on to my son and fellow photographer, William Graves. Therefore I began offering creativity courses and photographic experiential workshops, mentioned in the photo tours section of my website.

As William Blake would urge you….To see the World in a grain of sand and Heaven in a wildflower…



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